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We have gotten off to a great start! We have gotten to know each other and gotten familiar with the class routines. We have begun to work on letter, word and number recognition and have started “The Letter of the Week” program which is where we discuss letter sounds and words that start with our featured letter. We have begun our letter writing practice. We will also be reviewing our letter and number knowledge. All of our art projects are prepared to build fine motor strength and dexterity and they are fun too!

Reminder: Each Wednesday is Show and Tell based on the letter of the week. Last week we started discussing apples: apple picking, our favorite apples, and we will make a chart of the most popular apple. We read “10 Apples Up On Top” and tried to balance apples on our heads.

October 2 – October 6

OCTOBER IS FIRE SAFETY MONTH! We will discuss fire safety. We will practice STOP, DROP AND ROLL and STAY LOW AND GO, and getting out of your home and staying out. The local Fire Department will visit our school in October. We will have a fire drill and we will discuss how to safely get out of a burning building. We will also talk about other ways to be safe such as dialing 911.

October 9 – October 13 No school on Monday, October 9 Columbus Day.

We will be learning about the Fall season and the changes that happen in nature. We will discuss animal behavior and what animals, like squirrels, birds and geese do in the fall to prepare for winter.

October 16 – October 20

We will note the color change of the leaves and we will chart the different kinds of leaves we find. We will collect leaves and other natural objects to make a collage. Bring in leaves, acorns and anything else that is a reminder of fall.

October 23 – October 27

We will be making some spooky Halloween crafts and we will talk about Trick or Treat safety. We will be talking about bones! We will discuss x-rays and dinosaur bones. We will be celebrating Halloween, one of our favorite holidays!

October 31

Our Halloween Parade will be on October 31 at either 9:15 and 12:30. For the children’s costumes, please no scary masks, bloody makeup, swords or guns.

Miss Peggy, Miss Carey and Miss Mandy



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